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What's a "One of One Pair"?

No one else will have this pair

A one of one pair can be completly customized! Meaning we can change and alter any part of the sneakers and create somthing that will be the only version EVER created. Nobody will ever have the same pair of sneakers as you!

Custom Packaging

We can also create custom packaging themed around the sneakers!

Quiq Labs 10 Year Anniversary Sneakers

This Pair for QuiqLabs marks their 10 Years in Business! And QuiqLabs is also the company LKG.customs is collaborating with to conduct WorkShops!

QuiqLabs 10 Year Sneakers

Ampersand Sneakers

These Display sneakers are made in collaboration with Ampersand Ice cream Here in Fresno California! As a missions tip fundraiser and raffle!

Ampersand Air Forces


The West Coast Winter Fest Pair is the Most recent pair of sneakers the LKG has worked on! This was also the very first pair for Marty of Social Club Misfits

WCWF Insta Post


This Pair is a personal Favorite of mine! I've done a lot of Sneakers for Miles Minnick but this was the very first pair that we did as a giveaway!

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The BIG Air Forces are for the release of the song "BIG" by Miles Minnick Ft. Lecrae. These sneakers have the "BIG" logo in the rear. With a Pink, Blue, and Purple Spatter on the Mid panel and the toe box. With black out sections. This pair of "BIG" forces will foever be Iconic.

Stream "BIG" by Mile's Minnick on YT

Meet The Owner!

Luke Is a Sneaker Artist of 6 years! Started at 11 years old creating sneakers. And at the age of 12 created his first pair for CHH rapper Miles Minnick. Luke is currently on a mission as a sneaker artist to make a pair of sneakers for every CHH Artist!